About us

International Conference on Education

IAfQE was established to improve the quality of Education in Global Society. It is a non-profit-oriented organization. The Head office is located in Sri Lanka and it works in all countries in Global Society. IAfQE implements its projects in many countries with the assistance and leadership of country managers.

The aim of the IAfQE is to work together and share best practices in Global Society to achieve SDG 4 which is “Quality Education.”

IAfQE has Advisory Board to give overall guidance. All the academic decisions are taken by the “Education Board”  with the consultancy of the Advisory Board. Country Managers are represented in the “Educational Board”. The combination of the  Advisory Board and Education Board is concerned with the Board of Management (BOM) of the Association. 
IAfQE has a Council of Management to implement the decision which is taken by the Board of Management.

IAfQE welcomes all of you to work together to uplift the quality of Education in the global society to achieve SDG. 

IAfQE is focusing to develop 21st-century skills in students as well as academic people who are engaging in General Education.

 Not only 21st-century skills always we are expecting to develop the mindset of each and every student and academic staff member.