Country Managers

Country Managers are the Key representatives of the IAfQE in respective country. They are the leaders of IAfQE in their countries. All IAfQE’s activates are implements in their countries under the guidance and supervision of country leaders/Managers. They are the members of senior management of the association. Year Plan, and All activities finalize under the supervision of the country managers.

Mr. Hachnain Jisan, Country Manager, IAfQE 
Mr. Hachnain Jisan
EBAC Public School – EPS
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Ms. Surina S. Gurung,
Country Manager
Mr. Kumara Karunarathne,
Country Manager,
Sri Lanka
Ms. Farzana Kausar
Country Manager

Themes for Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Category
“21st Century skills for SDG 4 Quality Education” 

Themes for Pre-Primary (ECCD) and Primary Category
“Empower Early Childhood Education to Achieve SDG 4.2 Quality ECCD”