Empower Entrepreneurship through Education

Risk is everywhere. No one can escape from the risk; they have to find ways to face it. Due to the risk, there are challenges. If someone is ready to face challenges, he or she can face the risk.

In the business world, if anyone can come up with new strategies to face challenges and overcome risk, he or she can be a good entrepreneur in the future.

Entrepreneurship is a skill. It can be developed. The school system should give attention to developing entrepreneurship. Then students will not go from door to door to find a job. They will create jobs in the future.

How to create, enhance, and upgrade entrepreneurship among children is a big challenge.

Therefore, it is very important to share knowledge. best practices research finding to upgrade the entrepreneurship

IAFQE cordially invites you to share your best practices, research findings, and innovative ideas for that.

How can you join?

  • You can share your knowledge in live interviews.
  • You can share your knowledge in live presentations.
  • You can upload your video presentations.
  • You can participate in the physical conference.
  • Please keep a WhatsApp message for any details at +94727573045 or +917275588669.
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