Speak in English

Message from Project Leader 

“Speak in English” online lecture series has been designed by the International Association for Quality Education along with South Asian International Association for Early Childhood and Development in order to provide support to the ECCD teachers, Primary teachers and Secondary teachers in south Asian countries and teachers all over the world.  The main aim of this project is to help anyone who is keen in developing their communicational skills. 

Initially go through the lectures in any language (English, Sinhala or Tamil) you’re comfortable with.  Once you’ve understood the lecture fill the self-assessment form and make sure to do the following steps.

  1. Record the lesson according to your understanding and upload the video to your You Tube channel.
  2. Add the uploaded video to the relevant student’s showcase playlist on the iafqe YouTube channel.
  3. Upload the link of the video to the Google Form.
  4. Go through the questionnaire and answer all the questions.
  5. Take turns answering questions from the questionnaire with a partner and record it using Zoom platform.
  6. Check the accuracy of both your responses and if there are any errors watch the assisted recording for the questions from the questionnaire.
  7. If all the responses are accurate, upload the video to your YouTube channel and add your video to the IAFQE playlist.
  8. When the task is complete upload the details in a Google Form and likewise complete all the tasks mentioned and upload it to the Google Form.
  9. Continue the Steps 1-8 for all the lecture videos.
  10. The whole process will be evaluated by a panel of examiners and the certificates will be awarded according to the grading criteria.

Dishan Jeganathan
Project Leader

Profile of Project Leader  

Getting awards as “Master Teacher on STEAM Education”  by the hand of Prof. Rajendran Govender, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Western Cape, South Africa  at the International Conference on Quality Education – 2024, was held on January 20th – 24th, 2024 at Bharat Ratna Gaansamragyi Lata Mangeshkar Natya Gruha Auditorium in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Preschool Director, (2018- present)
Shalom Montessori
Assistant Director, (2014- 2017)
Shalom Montessori

  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Masters of Business Administration (First Class)
  • Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering (First class)



Lesson Series (Part 02)

Lesson 16 – If Conditions 

Lesson 17 – Has have + Verb (PP)

Lesson 18 – Had + Verb (PP)

Lesson 19 – Will  have + Verb (PP)

Lesson 20 – Have been / has been – V + ing

Lesson 21 – Had been – V + ing

Lesson 22 – Will have been – V + ing

Lesson 23 – Is , are , + verb (PP)

Lesson 24 – Was were + verb (PP)

Lesson 25 – Will be + Verb (pp)

Lesson 26 – Is , are , + being +  verb (PP)

Lesson 27 – Was were + being + verb (PP)

Lesson 28 – Has, have – been+ Verb (PP)

Lesson 29 – Will have been+ Verb (PP)

Lesson 30 – Had – been+ Verb (PP)



Reflection sessions – Sinhala Medium



Reflection sessions – Tamil Medium

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