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2024.05.04 WTP
1st parliment
2024.04.29 WTP
2nd parliment
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World Teachers’ Parliament on Rights of the Child

to Survival, to Development, to Protection and to Participation 

International forum parallel to the international conference on Quality Education 2024

Join the Conversation, Ignite Change!

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the World Teachers Parliament organized by the International Association for Quality Education and DR. Kalam International Foundation parallel to the international conference on Quality Education which is going to be held in New Delhi, India from May 26th till 30th, 2024.

Why the World Teachers’ Parliament?

In the realm of education, our shared mission is to cultivate a brighter, more equitable future for all of our children and young adults. The World Teacher’s Parliament aims to be the epicentre of this transformative dialogue, where we discuss innovative educational solutions to some of the greatest global educational issues and share good practice to inform change. We recognize that education is the cornerstone of progress, and it is through collective action that we can address the pressing issues affecting learners locally, nationally and internationally. Child protection is a key factor to ensure quality of the  education all over the world. Therefor world teachers parliment gives more priority on child protection.

What’s on the Agenda? 

The protection of children is a responsibility of every state in the world, every civil organization, and every community. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment.

the World Teachers Parliament is a productive international platform for teachers all over the world to express their ideas, feelings, best practices, and knowledge to protect the rights of children.

 Each and every person, organization, and government have a responsibility to ensure the rights of children to survival, development, protection, and participation. Without ensuring the rights of children, it is impossible to establish quality education in any school or any country.

Children should have psychological freedom to pursue their education. They should feel free and have a fair physical, psychological, social, and emotional environment to pursue their education freely.

Children should feel that they are protected from any kind of discrimination. Children should have confidence that their rights are protected. That culture needs to be instilled in the home, in the school, and in society to facilitate children’s studies.

After signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all countries have taken many steps to ensure the rights of the children. Sharing best practices of these countries is essential for policymakers, implementing organizations, as well as communities to move forward for child protection.

Therefore, the World Teachers Parliament is a good international platform for educators, teachers in the global society to share their best practices on the rights of children.

The knowledge shared in the World Teachers Parliament will be important for policymakers, implementing organizations, as well as every profession working for children’s rights.

Fresh viewpoints may emerge, and it will be helpful for all responsible organizations to rethink strategies for the protection of child rights.

In addition to that, empowering educators with knowledge of child protection and enhancing society’s awareness of child protection are the best strategies to prevent all kinds of discrimination against children.

Therefore, the World Teachers Parliament is a very valuable benchmark to empower schools, educators, teachers, children, as well as all kinds of stakeholders in society.

Nowadays, social media have reached every doorstep in every country. When discussions of the World Teachers Parliament are broadcast through YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, it will empower society to protect child rights. It will help to elevate social standards towards child protection. Stakeholders in society will understand the value of protecting child rights, align their attitudes towards child protection, take action to protect child rights in all their activities, and motivate others to do the same.

The most important thing is that they will stand against any kind of discrimination that may occur to the children in society. Therefore, the World Teachers Parliament is a good initiative to protect the rights of children.

We invite teachers and schools to seize this opportunity to showcase your knowledge, your competencies, as well as your innovative ideas at the World Teachers Parliament and at the International Conference on Quality Education, which is going to be held in New Delhi, India from May 26th.

The Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka gives academic guidance and consultancy to make world teachers parliament more successful, and Mr. Udayakumara Amarasingha, Chairman of the Child Protection Authority Sri Lanka, has been appointed as the head of the board of jury to evaluate performance and to nominate presenters for awards.

The International conference is a good international platform for schools, principals, and teachers to showcase their excellence in quality education as well as their commitment towards child protection and get recognition for schools and individuals for their performance.

Based on the performance of presentations, both schools and presenters will be eligible to receive international awards such as

For Schools

‘Excellence Performance on Child Protection – 2024

For Teachers

  • Excellence Performance on “Rights of the Child to Survival” – 2024
  • ‘Excellence Performance on “Rights of the Child to Development” – 2024
  • Excellence Performance on ““Rights of the Child to Protection” – 2024
  • Excellence Performance on  “Rights of the Child to Participation” – 2024

With “Global Changing Leader for Child Protection – 2024”

For School awards Principal or school representative should present strategies and activites which have been taken by school for child protection. For teachers awards teachers can present their innovative ideas for child protection.

International conference will be a golden opportunity for schools, principals, and teachers to get international awards as well as become global ambassadors to protect child rights in the global society.

Get Involved – Register TODAY!!

The success of the World Teachers Parliament depends on your active participation. It is voice of educaters for child development, child protection and child rights. We urge teachers, educators from every corner of the world to register and be part of this global movement. Your voice matters, and together, we can shape a protection of children.

Themes that are going to be discussed in the World Teacher’s Parliament

Rights of the Child to Survival

Rights of the Child Development

Rights of the Child Protection

Rights of the Child to Participation

Guidance, Consultancy and supervision

Mr. Janaka Kamalgoda
International Association for Quality Education

Mr. A. R. P. Chanaka Udaya Kumara,
National Child Protection Authority,
 Sri Lanka.

Project Team

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Project Monitoring, Supervision and Child Protection Technical Guidance
Mrs.Shanika Malalgoda,
Director- Planning and Information,
National Child Protection Authority,
Sri Lanka

Project Manager
Mr. Kumara Karunarathne
Deputy Principal (SLPS – Grade 01)
Presbyterian College, Sri Lanka

Project Manager 
Ms. Asitha Samarapali
Development Officer
Department of Education,
Western Province, Sri Lanka

Ms. Miriam Da Rocha Afonso 
United Kingdoms
Project Leader
World Teachers’ Parliament



Ms. Shehwar Suhair
Sri Lanka
Speaker/Project Leader
World Teachers’ Parliament

World Teachers Parliament – Protect Rights of Child to Development” on May 04th, 2024

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