Education is not a process of getting theoretical knowledge from year one of school until the end. Although there are thousands of paper qualifications, students don’t have a demand from the job market that academic qualifications can’t make their lives successful or productive.

The world is changing very fast. The nature of jobs, roles, and responsibilities is changing day by day. The school system should be capable of fulfilling the needs of the local and global job markets.

Not only the curriculum, but the entire school philosophy should be changed for that. Employability skills should be developed by the school in primary education.

In a global society, some schools productively develop the employability skills of their children. but some schools are still trying to do it. Some schools don’t have the capacity to transform their education system into an employability approach.

Therefore, it is a very important international platform to discuss this matter and to share the best practices of each other. Success schools should be motivated for that.

Therefore, IAFQE kindly invites you to share your knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas for that.

IAFQE cordially invites you to share your best practices, research findings, and innovative ideas for that.

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